Language Castle LLC

Language Castle LLC began in 2008 with birth of my first book,
Many Languages, One Classroom: Teaching English and Dual Language Learners

As I traveled around the United States, I have trained close to 100,000 early childhood educators, administrators, paraprofessionals, specialists, and instructors using the research-based approach I developed in my years of working with diverse preschool and child care programs.

This approach is called The Language CASTLE Approach©:

C = Choose key words to focus first and second language learning

A = Adapt all areas of the classroom to support first and second language learning through meaningful interactions with adults, peers, and materials

S = Select the right supplies to connect and reinforce concepts in first and second languages throughout the room, throughout the day.

T = Take time for first and second language learning using extended themes and explorations

L = Link to real life using as many real and authentic materials as possible to support context, connections and home-school extensions of learning in first and second language development

E = Engage, emote, and express using nonverbal cues, images, and demonstrations to help each child understand as much as possible to build first and second languages

This approach is the implementation of our vision to improve early childhood education for diverse populations by building each child’s second language on a strong foundation in their first language.

And that is why we are called Language Castle LLC!

Language Castle LLC was started by me, Karen Nemeth, Ed.M. after years of experience as a college professor, child care and preschool agency grant and project manager, and as an education specialist for the New Jersey Department of Education. Now I have authored more than ten books and more than 40 articles on this topic and I advocate every day via organization memberships and social media involvement.  I have leadership positions at TESOL, NABE and NAEYC – the national organizations for English as a second language, bilingual education, and the education of young children. My passion for improving outcomes for young children, especially those under the age of 6 who are dual language learners, has motivated me to get involved, to make connections within and across organizations, and to share as much information as possible with the field.

The work of Language Castle LLC has been enhanced by productive speaking and writing collaborations with national experts such as:

Judie Haynes        Linda Espinosa         Pam Brillante        Kathleen Hayes       Clara Cappiello         Chip Donohue           Jennifer Chen         Barbara Kaiser       Jessica Burchet       Fran Simon       Lilla Dale McManis      Piña and Michael Madera      Valeria Erdosi-Mehaffey       Emily Roden       Susan Neuman   and more…

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